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hDirt to Dinner
An Introduction to Dirt to Dinner (one day course)

Course Dates:
Sat May 23rd and Sat June 27th 2015

Time: 10am to 4pm

Price: £60 per person

If you are keen to explore new, exciting and wholesome cuisine using ingredients you have grown yourself, then read on...!

Fundamentally you are passionate about food and wish to experiment with more unusual ingredients so that you can lift your menus out of the norm to a new level. But also you are increasingly concerned these days about where the ingredients you use come from, and how they are grown. Of course, growing your own produce eliminates many of these doubts and concerns - but do you know how?

On our 'Dirt to Dinner' courses you will learn how to create a productive, easy to maintain vegetable and flower garden to WFA (Wholesome Food Association) standards.
From there you will be shown how to take the produce into the kitchen, how to best look after it for maximum benefit, whilst revelling in the new dimensions all this will add to your cooking experience.

We will show you how to use some of the more unusual produce available when you 'grow your own', such as edible flowers and heritage varieties of vegetables, as well as how to make petal sugars and preserves - and so much more.

You will leave with plenty of learning materials to take home and use to your advantage.
Course numbers are restricted to a maximum of 10 people so there will be plenty of time for your questions and one-to-one attention.

Lunch and refreshments will be provided from produce grown at the Husbandry School, naturally.

Course content includes:
• an in-depth tour of our vegetable, fruit and flower gardens, focusing on companion planting and other different planting systems and their suitability according to the climate here in Devon and beyond
• how to grow unusual varieties of vegetables as often requested by many of the country's top innovative chefs
• how to use natural pest control and how to make plant foods from the produce you are growing
• discovering which edible flowers top chefs favour, and how use them
• looking at salads and beyond - learn the secrets of our unique 69 ingredients for the ultimate salad, our Husbandry School standard, as acclaimed by top chefs and restaurants throughout the West Country
• blending multiple flavours to complement different foods
• making flavoursome herbal infusions and petal sugars to take your menus to a new level

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An introduction to Dirt to Dinner (one day course)

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